Study abroad grants / 留学助成 in 2012

日本空手協会 中国本部 北京留学助成のご案内

Guide to Beijing study abroad grants by Japan Karate Association China headquarters


JKA WF中国本部では、中国における空手道の普及と将来の中国と世界の空手道交流に寄与する人材育成のため、一定の条件を満たす方に対して、留学助成を募集致します。

JKA WF China headquarters will recruit students receiving grants who match certain conditions for the development of human resources and to contribute to the spread of karate in China and the future of karate exchanges between China and other countries.


Qualification requirements


  1. 年齢:2012年8月1日時点で、22歳以上

Age: more than 22 years as of August 1, 2012

  1. 国籍・性別:不問

Nationality / Sex – available to all

  1. 募集人数:1-2名 募集エリア:中国・北京

Recruiting numbers and area: 1-2 persons; Beijing, China

  1. 空手道歴:4年以上、空手道段位:JKA 実力二段以上

Karate career: more than 4 years experience, more than JKA 2nd-dan

5. 言語: 英語或いは日本語ネイティブレベル。中国語は不問ですが、道場生は中国人が半分以上なので、はやく空手の指導ができるレベルになっていただきたい

Language: Native level in ether English or Japanese. Fluency in Chinese is not a requirement, but more than half of the students in the Dojo are Chinese, therefore we encourage you to attain a level of proficiency to teach Karate in Chinese as soon as possible.


6. 留学先:北京(首都経済貿易大学、対外経済貿易大学等、道場最寄りの大学、         留学費用は、学費、寮費合わせて、おおよそ$7,000/年程度。授業は語学留学の場合、月―金の午前中のみです)

Contents and conditions of the grant

  1. Location: Beijing  (The University or College which is the nearest Dojo, e.g., Capital University of Economics and Business, and University of International Business and Economic)

Study Grant: approximately $7,000/year including tuition fees and accommodation fees. For those studying aborad to learn Chinese, classes are only held during the morning, Monday to Friday)

7. 期間:2012年8月から1年間 (延長可能)

Period: 1 year, from August, 2012 (Period extendable)

8. 助成期間中に御願いする事項:


1)  道場生:中国人、北京在住の日本人・外国人

2)  使用言語:日本語或いは英語、中国語

② 他地域道場、支部への出張指導(中国語で空手指導ができるようになってから)

③ 交流試合や昇級審査、講習会等、イベント支援

④ 支部事務補佐(道場生へのメールによる連絡、HP更新など)

The requirements during receipt of the grants are as follows;

①Teaching Karate in the Beijing Branch

1) Students: Chinese, foreigners and Japanese living in Beijing

2) Language: Japanese, English or Chinese

 ②Travel for coaching to other Dojos and branches (after becoming to be able to teach karate in Chinese)

③Supporting events, such as exchange matches, grade tests, and lectures, etc.

④Assisting branch office work (contact students by email, HP update, etc.)





9. Others

●Preferential considration will be given to those who have special skills such as teacher of English and Japanese, study guidance, musical instruments, calligraphy, yoga and so on.

(Teachers such as these also required at Japanese culture centers attached to Dojos)

●Please ensure to take out overseas travel insurance.


10 .Grant-in-aid amount: Basic $500/month. If able to be a teacher like the above subjects, additional sums will be presented separately.


E-mail: 福島宛 応募は電子版履歴書を送付してください


首都経済貿易大学 Capital University of Economics and Business

対外経済貿易大学 University of International Business and Economy

Please apply or contact us at;

E-mail: to Fukushima

Please send your resume by e-mail.

Beijing Branch URL:

Capital University of Economics and Business URL:

University of International Business and Economy URL: